In class this week, we started to discuss the roles of the characters in Lord of the Flies. We watched the first episode of Lost and observed which characters assumed roles right away on the island. After watching this clip from ‘Flight 93’ discuss the roles that were taken from the people on the plane that was hijacked. It makes you wonder what role you would take when put in extreme situations.

Today, our hearts feel the loss from the tragedy of September 11 and we honor those that were true heroes.



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33 responses to “Roles

  1. jack bibi class 2-s

    i think that flight 93 showed america how couragious and fast responding those people onthat flight were and how fast they take responcibility to take down the pilots

  2. shaya tawil

    i think the passengers were very heroic and saved thousands of people from perishing and giving their lives to save others.

  3. Rachel Chazanoff 2-T

    I found that this clip was frightening but very inspirational. It truly shows that there are people who are so courageous in this world and how quickly they think. The leader in this video was keeping his calm as well as he could to attempt to save his life and all the others on board. It gives me hope that there are people like him out there who will fight to save the lives of others. (other than trained first responders.)

  4. Harriet Sasson 2t

    i agree with jack that it does show how couragious the people on flight 93 was.i also thought that they were very brave to do what they did even though they new the consicences of their action would lead to there deaths that they were trying to save the other people that were going to die. this vidio taught me that sometimes u cant think of your selves that that there is a world out there that needs your help to.

  5. Daniel Hofftein 2-S

    you see the passengers listen to one person to take town all the terriots and in the end to take down the plane. they saved many lifes by sacrificing there own

  6. Danielle Shalam 2R

    I really love this movie! I saw it last year and it was really so great! I agree with Jack Bibi, this movie does show how courageous the people on the flight were. I truly think that if I was on that plane I would be way to scared too do anything. I would have to think about it and it would take a lot of courage but I would really be scared.

  7. Ruthie Senior 2s

    This video really showed how the people on flight 93 were such heroes. They stood up to the hijackers and wouldnt let them get away with this. Even though they all died that day they will never be forgotten .

  8. Beni Banbahji 2S

    I think that flight 93 were very brave and heroic to sacrifice their lives in order to save other’s lives. It must have been so heart wrenching for them to know that their death was on the horizon. I don’t know how the terrorists were able to kill all these inncoent people on 9/11.Every one of the passengers were and forever will be heroes.

  9. muriel safdieh 2r

    When I watched this video I was scared as if I was on the plane. The passengers were so brave and strong. They were very courageous and are heroes until this day.

  10. joyce hazan

    It amazes me how unselfish the passengers were. To sacrifice their lives in order save others. The passengers really did work together, as a group effort to take down those horrible pilots. I can’t begin to imagine what it would be like knowing that my life will be ending shortly. The passengers of flight 93 really were very brave and heroic.

  11. Lauren Berkovits 2-S

    I was so impressed and inspired when I watched this video. It takes so much courage to stand up to the hijackers especially when he is holding a bomb in his hand. They risked their lives in order to save innocent people and that is a very brave and heroic thing to do. I agree with Danielle because I too would not have the courage to stand up to the hijackers. I am ashamed to say it but I probably would have preyed and awaited my death.

  12. Margie Kassab 2R

    Im inspired from how brave the people on the flight were. They didn’t just sit and cry but they fought and saved the lives of so many people. I cant even imagine how scared they were knowing that they would all die in the matter of seconds and they still fought they of.

  13. paulette jerome 2-s

    i loved this video i wish the people on the other planes would be smart like they were

  14. Gabrielle Dayan 2T

    This video was a little hard to name the people who took action and who didn’t, but I did see two or three people just crying and screaming. I think those people resembled the littluns. There was one guy toward the beginning who seemed like he got all the poeple to take action. If I were in this situation I think I would just stand there and scream. I don’t see myself taking action, its scary for me.

  15. Victor Dweck

    Its hard to do what Flight 93 passengers did, I mean think about it, they know they’re gonna die, and they still fight to the end….to me that was extremely brave and heroic of them. May they rest in peace

  16. Jayne Kassin - 2R

    This video gave me and understanding about what actually happened in the plane during 9/11. I always just thought about the people that were actually in the building. I never realized about the people that were in the plane and how much chaos there actually was.

  17. Naomi Terzi

    This video was a little confusing to see who was trying to take over the plane and who was trying to stop it. If I was in the same position as the people on the plane I don’t think I would have even got out of my seat. I really admire the guy who got everyone to go after the terrorists, if he didn’t do what he did and act like a leader a lot more people would have died. I think all the people that took action on flight 93 are heros and I really wish I would even have the courage to do the same thing.

  18. Michal Yefet 2T

    This video showed how the people aboard Flight 93 risked their life to save others. The passengers immediately took action and went to kill the hijackers. They knew they would die but they still tried to save others. If I was on that plane I would not be able to take any action, I would be to scared.

  19. Ethan isayev 2s

    the video was very heroic and many people sacrificed their own lives so that other people wont die.The passengers acted very fast but I saw one guy go first rather than all of them going at the same time. that man who went first was the leader of the passengers.

  20. Sylvia Dweck 2S

    I thought this clip really had a lot of meaning to it. It showed that all of the passengers on Flight 93 worked together to save the lives of others. It was extremely brave of them and if I was in that position I would be so scared. The leader was the guy that started whispering that it was time to attack. I would love to see the rest of this movie. It looks so intersting!

  21. Elliot Elmann 2-R

    I feel that what the passengers did was just amazing. they knew something was up. they did not believe in the “bomb” and they planned it well. they knew t was not going to end well so they made sure they died fighting for their countries. this is a small example of how even in times of peril and destruction there will always be people who will stand up for their country also show in the heros who went back to the twin towers to save others. it is a sad feeling but inside that there is a truth that America will always fight and help each other out no matter the situation

  22. Dori Lati 2T

    All I could say is WOW! this video was amazing. i know arabic so i understood most of what the arabs were saying. 85% they were praying to “god” and the other 15% they were asking the others about the passengers and what they are doing ect. This shows how low class these arabs really are. The passengers reacted very maturely! They didn’t sit there and cry, they called their loves one and told them what was going on. They tried to stop the arab that was acting as pilot from crashing into the white house, Very insperational.

  23. moe maleh 2s

    i agree with you SHAYA in a way that all the passengers were very heroic. They saved many lives and will go down as sept.11 veterans.

  24. joeydayon

    the people of flight 93 should a lot of courage and where very heroic. They saved thousands of innocent people.

  25. Marielle Salem

    This video kept me in suspense the whole time. I didn’t know what was going to happen next and my eyes were widened by the actions some of these passengers performed. Although, I only wish certain parts were more clear and understanding. Overall, this video was very inspirational.

  26. Helen Shalam- 2S

    I really liked this video it made me want to see the whole movie so I can understand what really happened on flight 93 on that day. This video really inspired me with their courageous acts i would never be able to do something like this if that was me. I respect those people on flight 93 and they will never be forgotten.

  27. Danielle Beda

    I have been dying to see this movie. it showed me how all these people worked together to save the lives of others. The people on this plane were heroes and we should thank there families everyday.

  28. linda gindi 2-s

    i liked this movie a lot so i was very excited to see the clip from the movie! i thought it was great how during a time the most people would panic, these people on the plane united and sacrificed their lives to save a bunch of others

  29. michael haddad 2s

    I really liked this video it showed that if you work as a team if everyone works together you can accomplish a lot. what these people on the plain did was they all teamed up and rammed through the cock pit. They saved many many people and they will be remembered every day. They are great heros.

  30. Leon Lati 2R

    I was truly amazed when I watched this. The way the passengers stood up for their country shows a lot of courage. The passengers of flight 93 will always be respected and viewed as heroes.

  31. jordan hill

    i feel just like in loft how there were asumed leaders right away so in the film you see the same thing you see people like ralf who act first and people like piggy who has the idea or says something first to trigger something

  32. mimi

    the people on this plain all risked there lives too save people they didnt even know. the men that took charge showed a lot of bravery. instead of making 9/11 a day that people will only remember for the bad they made it a day to remember the good that they did. these people are heros and they will always be rememberd

  33. Joseph Grodko 2-T

    It showed me something that my dad tells me all the time.Gd helps those who help themselves.In life you cant wait for someone to do something for you.The passengers that attacked the terrorists saved many lives on the ground. If nobody would of done anything the results could have been worse

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