“If men were angels, no government would be necessary.” – James Madison

In class this week, we discussed specific rules that would help to maintain a civilized life on the island. When we start to expand this topic to our own world, we think of the rules in our lives that help sustain our civilized selves in everyday life.

What government laws or social rules do you think are very important in our own everyday lives that ensure we function in a moral and humane manner?

Read this article for some ideas….




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22 responses to ““If men were angels, no government would be necessary.” – James Madison

  1. Beni Banbahji 2S

    I think some government laws are very important in our lives. They ensures our safety in many ways. One very important way is the Food and Drug Administration. They make sure that the food produced is safe before it’s eaten. Another very important one is the Environmental Protection Agency. Thanks to them, the air you breathe and the water you drink are free from hazardous chemicals.

  2. paulette jerome 2-s

    i like this quote because it relates to modern times and how society has become so bad that without a goverment there would be chaos

  3. RiviSaad2T

    I think that when James Madison said this, he was basically trying to explain how important the government is. It really shows what our society has come to, and that without government and laws, all there would be is chaos.

  4. Victor Dweck 2S

    “If men were angels, no government would be necessary.” – James Madison. What he’s basically trying to tell us is that we’re not perfect. We are not angles. I agree with him 100%. We are not angles, and that is why we need government because without it, America would be complete chaos. Yes there would be freedom, but would that be a good thing?

  5. Danielle Shalam 2R

    I think that when James Madison wrote the quote “if men were angels, no government would be necessary” because if everyone was perfect there would be no need to have laws. If Hashem created a world full of perfect people and everyone acted and dress and did exactly the same things it would be a boring world and there would be no life. We would be like robots. Hashem created this world with many different types of people and created every one differently, no ones perfect. I feel as though we’ve found a pretty good balance with our government and our laws and even though were not angels we strive to be the best that we can be.

  6. harriet asson 2t

    i believe that government laws are very important. if there were no laws everything would be very harsh. these laws and rules keeep us safe, like the food and drug administartion they ensure that the food we eat is safe for us to eat. also the enviermental protection agency who keep the air we bgeath clean. with out laws there will be no sociaty and a lot of more people would die.

  7. Naomi Terzi

    I really like this quote. It tells us that if everyone did the right thing we wouldn’t need laws or a government. I agree with danielle when she says if everyone was perfect the world would be boring. Everyone is different and I think that makes the world very interesting. sometimes there are people that do bad things though and thats why we need a government and laws, to keep people civilized and mortal. Even the everyday laws that we don’t really notice help keep us civilized, like a traffic light, and without them there would be chaos.

  8. stephen esses 2-t

    I think that James Madison is explaining that if all people did the moral civilied things, there would be no need for laws. Because the kids on the island were not perfect they needed some sort of ruler but hey needed a powerful ruler someone who would enforce the laws likt the government.

  9. Shaya Tawil

    This quote relates to what we learned in that men change when there are no rules and survival must be maintained.

  10. it means that the reason we have a government is because nobody is perfect or not everybody is good and the government helps out when we cant do something and we really need government no matter how bad they may mess up

  11. Albert Arazi 2-s

    The quote is interesting but to me it sounds as if James madison is stating that the government is perfect. while in fact it isn’t. There are parts of the government that are corrupt. Justice isn’t always served cops get away with some crimes many politicians are committing crimes and many more things. Truth is that the government isn’t perfect but neither are we.

  12. linda gindi 2-s

    i think the quote james madison said was very realistic during those times and in our lives today. It shows how the world would be chaos if we had no government and no rules- the proof is in lord of the flies.

  13. Lauren Berkovits 2-S

    I agree with this quote by James Madison because we can tell even from Lord of the Flies that without laws and regulations everyone would do whatever they wanted to do and this would cause chaos in the world. We need to have consequences because they prevent us from doing wrong because we are fearful of punishment. We need rules to guide us in the right way because we are not angels. Even though the government may sometimes make mistakes, we need it to make sure we do the right things.

  14. michael haddad 2s

    This is a very nice quote, i think it’s saying that people can not live in peace without chaos if there is no one telling them what to do. This is why we need a government to keep order in the world.

  15. Gabrielle Dayan 2T

    James Madison’s quote reminds me a lot of Thomas Hobbes ideas.If there was no government and rules the world would be insane. Hobbes said people are born naturally evil and therefore we need a government. The article was very interesting, it showed me a different perspective of rules. I think the main point was to teach everyone to be more appreciative. Even though rules are annoying,without them we wouldn’t be alive.

  16. Daniel Hofftein 2-S

    i likw the quote because it shows how important a government is and how it helps people live their lives the way they live them and teaches them how to act

  17. jordan hill

    i feel this quote can be connected to our religion because then there would be no need for sins or good deeds we would all do the same thing get the same reward and wont have a proper religion just like there would be no proper government with perfect people

  18. jordan hill

    i feel this quote shows more then how goverment is needed it shows that we will never as a people be perfect

  19. jordan hill

    i feel that if there were no need for government if we were angels then i feel our deeds would be eventually split up into good and bad because if there is no bad then i feel we will eventually create bad

  20. i believe that this quote relates to our society today. It is illegal for people under the age of 21 to drink alcohol. This prevents young men and women from becoming intoxicated and doing things that are hazardous to themselves and to our society. The gov’t keeps our society under control.

  21. Joseph Grodko 2-T

    The gvmt always looks out for us as James Madison said we are not angles so we need the govermnet to be our angel.They provide the police to protect the society.Imagine if there was no checks and balances like in the govermnt. People would make their own rules like the wild wild west.Unfortunatley I dont know if James Maduison realized that the same men that are not angles make up the goverment

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