Vote for the best leader in Lord of the Flies



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15 responses to “Vote for the best leader in Lord of the Flies

  1. jordan hill

    i feel jack is the best leader he showed most needed leadership qualities lacked by the other leader he had strength and was stubborn witch you might think is sometimes a bad thing but that means he stands for what he believes in and won’t give in.

  2. Beni Banbahji 2S

    I think Ralph was the best leader in Lord of the Flies. He was the best leader because he the most leadership qualities. He had confidence, compassion for the others, and was very organized. He was also wise to use Piggy as his adviser because Piggy was a very intelligent boy and they made a great team. Every leader needs an adviser. However, Piggy couldn’t be the leader because he didn’t have the confidence to step up as the leader. Jack isn’t a good leader because he was just too harsh and had no compassion for the others. Although Simon was very caring and all, he just didn’t have as much leadership qualities as Ralph.

  3. ruthie senior

    i think that ralph was the best leader. he was the one who brought everyone together in the beginning. if it wasnt for him they all wouldnt be one team. he also had the qualities of a leader. he was brave,controlling,and caring. unlike jack he wanted to make strategies instead of just hunting. the man ended up finding him at the end of the book , which showed a symbol that he was meant to be found first.

  4. Charles Chakkalo

    I feel Ralph was the best leader in this novel, Lord of the Flies, because of the reasons I said (I was Ralph). Ralph was organized, considerate and civilized. Jack was inconsiderate, unorganized and uncivilized. Simon was one of the littlones and had very few followers. Piggy was stupid enough to cause his own death so I know that we are all aware that Ralph is the best leader.

  5. linda gindi 2-s

    i think jack was the best leader in lord of the flies because jack was the one in the end who everyone ended up following. he isnt the nicest, but he is determined and acts like a leader. ralph couldnt keep the group together, nothing was going right so someone had to step up and i feel jack was the best person for the job

  6. Sylvia Dweck 2S

    I think that Ralph is the best leader in LOTF. He had all the right morals and reasons that he said in his speech. Not only was everything true, he was persuasive and he wasn’t boring to listen to. I thought that Charles, Kevin and Rachel were all great as playing the role of Ralph. As I watched all of the videos, I realized that Piggy actually had a chance. I guess the students that role played Piggy really knew how to back themselves up with examples. Even though I think Piggy was pretty good, I think Ralph is the better leader.

  7. Rachel Chazanoff 2T

    I think Ralph is by far the best leader in LOTF. He really did care about the others which was the excact opposite of Jack who only cared for himself. Yes, the others were great speakers but that’s not the only characteristic you need to be a leader. You have to care about others and try to keep things in order. I give a lot of respect to Murray and Jessica who played Simon because I would never think that Simon was a leader in the book. They backed up their side really well.

  8. muriel safdieh 2r

    I think that Ralph was the best leader because after all he was the one who came up with making a fire. He wasn’t violent like Jack and had the most leadership qualities. Simon was too shy and rarely got anybody’s attention. And although Piggy was actually smart and came up with all the good ideas, he was still lacking confidence, courage, and persuasiveness. I think Ralph was fit for his job even though he let Jack get in his way.

  9. harriet sasson 2t

    I think Ralph was the best in the book lord of the flies. Ralph acually cared about the people on the island and was trying to get off the island unlike jack who was just trying to hunt pigs and have fun. I also thing jack was brave and smart and he came up with good ideas like making the fire which in the end of the a fire was what saved them, because the boat saw he fire that jack was making to kill Ralph so if everyone just listened to him in the bigging and kept the fire going then none of the killing would of happened and they would of gotten off the island quicker.

  10. Daniel Hofftein 2-S

    I think Ralph was the best leader. he was the best because he cared for every single person on that island. Ralph had one goal and was to work together to get these kids the saftey.

  11. Gail Mosseri 2-R

    I think that Ralph was the best leader in LOFT because he had all the characteristics of a leader. Ralph was very organized. He was the one that gathered everyone in the beginning of the book. He was also very caring towards all the other kids. Ralph never slacked off. Throughout the book his main goal was to keep a fire signal and get off the island. In contrast, Jack only cared about hunting and being the leader instead of trying to get off the island. Piggy had good ideas but didnt have enough confidence to take control.

  12. RiviSaad2T

    I think that in terms of good ideas and good intentions, Ralph was the better leader in LOTF. Even though Ralph actually cared about everyone on the island and really wanted to help, I dont feel like he tried hard enough. Jack, on the other hand, really showed confidence throughout the story, and proved that he is a leader. If Ralph had Jack’s confidence, he would be the perfect leader.

  13. Helen Shalam 2-S

    i think that Ralph would make a better leader in LOTF because he is not too violent and he is not a pushover. He knew how to take charge when they first got there and everyone didn’t know what to do. He always cared about everyone else and their safety over himself which is a very good quality in a leader. All he wanted was to make sure that everyone survived without any deaths. The problem was Jack was very violent and would kill anyone who was against him which wasn’t a good quality in a leader

  14. Joseph Grodko 2-T

    I think that Jack was the best leader because he was able to get everyone to follow him. Also being a leader is getting the job alone it is not a popularity contest.

  15. Marielle Salem 2-R

    Personally, I think Piggy was the best leader on the island. If it weren’t for him, none of the boys would have food, let alone, they most probably would have died. Also, he had so many ideas and didn’t receive an ounce of credit which really does not leave me at rest. Yes a leader does need confidence but it is not the most important factor. If Piggy was put in charge with Ralph by his side (instead of the other way around), I think the whole story would turn out differently, in a good way.

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