Edgar Allan Poe & Tradition

This article ties together two concepts that we’ve been learning in class: Edgar Allan Poe (the Father of Gothic Literature) & Traditions.

Edgar Allan Poe Grave


It is interesting to think about how traditions were started. Why do you think this specific tradition began? Why would people travel all the way from France to participate in this tradition? Do you think it will continue?



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5 responses to “Edgar Allan Poe & Tradition

  1. Gabrielle Dayan 2T

    I think this tradition shows how great Edgar Allan Poe was. I think this tradition began because of that one mysterious person. Everyone thought it was interesting and wanted to do the same. People probably were so interested and fascinated by this tradition that they had to travel from all different places including France. I do think this will continue but not for very long. People are interested in so many different and other new things now, that there is just no time. Things get old after some time. If you had the chance to visit and continue the “tradition” would you go?

  2. Jacqueline Lazar ~2T

    Gabrielle, I totally agree with you. I really think this shows how great Edgar Allan Poe was. I have a strong vibe that the person who left the flowers by his grave is a family member or a close friend. I really wish I knew who this person was. Although i don’t think the tradition will continue since people fall out of things very easily and probably will move onto the next famous person who dies. This was a very interesting article.

  3. Mia Erdos

    I also agree with Gabrielle about why this tradition was started. I was thinking that maybe the person who left the flowers by Poe’s grave could be someone who really appreciated Poe’s writings and that it inspired him/her in some way, so maybe he/she wanted to thank him. I think that people travel all the way from France to participate in this tradition because they enjoyed Poe’s writing and they wanted to be able to write like he did, they also want to thank Poe. Like it said in the article, “You are what all us macabre writers only hope to be. Thank you. ‘Til next year.” I think that this tradition will continue because his stories are very famous and people all over the world are constantly reading them, so I’m sure there are people out there that would like to do this tradition. Also since there is a group of people who do this in France, they might take their children to fulfill this tradition and then they will pass it on to their children and so on and so forth. If I got the chance to go visit and continue this tradition I would not go. As much as I respect Poe and enjoy his stories I do not enjoy the idea of going to a cemetery and I find it creepy visiting someone I never knew. But I respect Poe from my heart.

  4. Joseph Grodko 2-T

    I think there was a person that was sucha fan of Poes work that he wanted to respect him by visiting his grave.It seems that he passed it on to someone else and made them promise to come to the grave even if they are comming from France. I dont know if it will continue because these new people were considered “faux toasters” and not originals

  5. Michal Yefet 2T

    I think this tradition is out of respect for Poe. Just like he was a crazy man, his fans wanted to do something crazy in return for him. They started their own tradition of leaving roses and drinking a cognac toast. Usually when you go to someones’ grave, you leave flowers and are sad, you are not drinking and having a toast. I think people would travel all the way from France to be apart of this tradition, so they can also show him respect. I think this tradition will go on, but not for a long time.

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