How do we feel about Short Stories?

One of Hemingway’s most famous stories was only six words long. “For Sale: Baby Shoes, Never Worn.”

After finishing our short story unit, how do you feel about this type of literature? What are the positives and negatives of this genre of writing?



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15 responses to “How do we feel about Short Stories?

  1. Shaya Tawil

    I enjoyed reading short stories because it was not too long and boring and it was very interesting reading the stories. Although they are fun to read it is not like a book with every page there is a change of events.

  2. Daniel Hofftein 2-S

    this type of literature is really dark. the positives are how the describe the setting and the feeling in the story help you understand it much better. the negitive is i cant really relate to this kind of stories

  3. Helen Shalam- 2S

    Generally people like the stories with happy endings and so do I. Sometimes I don’t need to have a happy ending but it just cant leave me in suspense without there being a sequel. On the other hand these type of stories were all dark and gloomy which isn’t really the type of stories I like to read. I like how the story keeps you in suspense until the very end. I don’t like how they all have death and diseases in them. From these stories i realized that gothic literature is not my favorite.

    • Sometimes learning what you don’t like is just as important as learning what you like. I’m glad you enjoyed the suspense. It’s quite a challenge as a writer to do that, as I’m sure you guys are seeing while writing your own monster stories. For that alone, Poe deserves a lot of credit.

  4. Danielle Shalam

    I enjoyed the short stories because even though there was so much detail in the stories, they also were to the point. I liked how through the short stories we had to think and make inferences. The only thing I don’t love is how it was very hard language and it was very hard to understand and we never knew exactly what the author meant.

  5. Mia Erdos

    I didn’t like how the stories just started in the middle of things without telling us much background. Like in the “Cask of Amontillado” how Montresor didn’t tell us why he wanted to take revenge on Fortunato and then he just killed him. It kept me thinking throughout the whole story. I also didn’t like how we know the person who will die in each story, it ruins half the story. But the stories did keep me interested and kept me wanting to go on.

  6. linda gindi 2s

    I liked the short story unit because the stories we learnt were interesting, not too long and always had a suprise at the end, which left me wanting to know what happens next. Although the stories were very gloomy and most did not have any happy endings, I still enjoyed reading them.

  7. michael haddad 2s

    I happen to enjoy short story’s especially the ones we’ve been reading in class. I liked the short stories that we read in class a lot because it was very suspenseful, and i liked how there was gothic literature in it. Also i like them better than books because its short and to the point.

  8. Jacqueline Lazar ~2T

    I happened to love the short stories we read in class because they were short and interesting. Unlike most people, I enjoy reading about different diseases and people dying. It makes me appreciate my life more and realize how easy I have it. The only thing I didn’t like was that some of the stories had hard vocabulary in it but it did improve my knowledge.

  9. Ruthie Senior 2s

    the short story unit was my favorite part so far. Each story ended off with a good feeling towards me. These short stories really seam to interest me. when they end off happy or sad makes me emotional. Lately there hasnt been too many short stories written. I hope we read more in class to spark my interest in learning.

  10. Rachel Chaz 2T

    At first, I was not so interested in this topic but as we started reading more, I began enjoying it. I liked the suspense and build up to all the stories and how each of the stories have something behind it. Also, most of the stories we read were written by Edgar Allan Poe so it was very clever how he incorporated things he experienced in his life and put it into his stories.
    However, some aspects were a little too graphic for me, like when the narrator cuts up the old man in The Tell Tale Heart or the description of the red death in The Masque of the Red Death. But in all, I definitely liked this topic.

  11. Joseph Grodko 2-T

    I actually love the short stories.Ever since we had our 1st book report in elementry school I never really liked to read. I would always pick the boo with the least amount of pages. You cant get much shorter than a short story. It provides an intresting idea that can be finished without me loosing attention.

  12. Sylvia Dweck 2S

    I really enjoyed reading and learning about short stories. The stories we read were so interesting. All of the gothic elements were put into use and since we learned about them, I was able to recognize them. I love suspenseful stories but the negative part was not knowing how the stories would end

  13. jordan hill

    i enjoy reading theses short stories it doesn’t put a big stress on us to keep remembering what happened in the chapter before and just read the story as a whole. the short stories let us put in our own image witch i enjoyed as well

  14. Michal Yefet 2T

    I enjoyed reading the short stories we read in class. These stories are straight to the point, and keep you thinking what will happen next. In Poe’s stories the suspense continued to build up as you read more of the story. The suspense made me want to continue reading the story. The only thing that I do not like about short stories, is that they leaving you hanging not knowing what happens next. The cliff hanger alone can be very suspenseful.

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