Frankenstein, Meet the World!

Click on the following link to see how the story of Frankenstein is used in popular culture such as film, literature, TV, theater, radio, toys, etc.

Why do you think this story, written in the 1800s, is such a common reference still today?



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8 responses to “Frankenstein, Meet the World!

  1. Mia Erdos

    I think this story is such a common reference till today because Frankenstein was trying to show that he can create life without the help of G-d. No one has created life till today, besides G-d. So this story interests people and people like to see how Frankenstein can accomplish his goal. Frankenstein was very into the science world and personally thats why I think he thought he can create life without the help of G-d.

  2. Ruthie Senior 2s

    I think this story is still common today because it really relates to many peoples lives. A lot of people can feel a connection with the monster. During our times bullying is happening, thats exactly what the monster felt when people would run away when they saw him.

  3. lorraine shamie

    I think this story is commonly used because it reminds us that our nature is not to create life and that is G-d’s job. we have to realize that we are not capable of the same creations G-d makes. I also think its commonly used because it is a great gothic story and every one needs a little fear in them

    • Marielle Salem 2-R

      I totally agree with Mia, in that, scientists are STILL trying to go against G-d’s nature and create life. Things like breeding and cloning are examples of pursues scientists have these days even though it completely goes against the nature of life. I also think this story is commonly used till today because it was the real kickoff of gothic literature which is one of the reasons this story can be described as a classic. Many other writers probably observed Shelley’s novel and after doing so, created their own piece,.

  4. Yael Shoushan 2T

    I think that frankenstein is still a big reference today because it shows that we shouldnt judge people by looks. No one would give frankenstein a chance because of the way he looked and it was very hurtful to him. He had good intensions and nature but no one excepted him. He never had a friend, someone to talk to, or someone to care for him and this cause him to act aggressively.

  5. Michelle Anzaroot 2-R

    I think that Frankenstein is a popular reference till today because many people can relate to this story. This story is filled with important life lessons that we still must use today.

  6. jordan hill

    when frankenstein entered the world it was confusing because you had to think how it is possible for life to be created from human. this shows an important lesson on not to try and be like g-d but try to be close to the spiritual aspect of holiness.

  7. Michal Yefet 2T

    I think Frankenstein is such a common reference still today, because it fits with any horror scene. When people saw the monster they were scared and ran away. Today, in TV and movies they also have created a monster who people are scared of. Most people run when they see something scary. In horror scenes the characters are already scared, and adding a monster to the scene makes it worse. That monster could be very nice on the inside but they are scared of its physical appearances.

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