Let’s Discuss: 2S

Here, one student a week will post a discussion thread for the class. It will be about something we discussed in class, an interesting link, or something out of the blue that is relavent to our class at hand. I look forward to reading your posts and I will use your insight in class discussion.


74 responses to “Let’s Discuss: 2S

  1. moe maleh 2s

    i agree with you jack bibi in that hellen keller that she never gives and I think she is a role model to all young girls all around the world.

  2. Helen Shalam


    I chose this movie Braveheart because it shows a man honoring a poet and the man honoring him is clearly shown as the leader. Even though everyone else does not know who this poet is, they cheer because they respect and honor this man. Also when everyone started fighting he was leaving because he had a mission.When they told him he won’t be able to win the war he wants to fight against the british they laughed at him, but he didn’t care. What he has done in this video shows confidence, bravery, controlling,and responsibility which are some qualities found in a leader.

  3. Danielle Beda

    i chose this clip because it shows the 10 most important characteristics of a successful leader, just like we discussed in class

    • Shaya Tawil

      i enjoyed the video and it related to what we did in class about lord of the flies and who was the best leader. it showed the characteristics and key attributes of a leader.

    • I found this video to be extremely interesting and intriguing. The video says that a leader must have the ability to acknowledge the need to change. Not only does he need to acknowledge changes in society, but also in himself . I believe that this is a key component for being a passionate, successful leader.

    • Margo chabot

      I really liked this video because it shows the right qualities that a leader needs in order to be the head and it relates to what we discussed in class

    • susan benun

      i enjoyed this video because i thought it was very straight to the point and it was exactly what we spoke about in class it shows all the main characteristics needed to be a successful leader. it stated all the vital points in how to act and what to do.

  4. I decided to share this clip about leadership because it relates to what we’ve been discussing in class for the past couple of weeks. I think this was a very inspiring and motivating video. It listed some qualities that a leader must have and gave examples of leaders with those qualities from the past and the present. My favorite line was “If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more be more and become more, you are a leader.” That’s a very important characteristic to have as leader.

  5. linda gindi 2-s

    i think this video really summed up the best charactaristics a person needs to have in order to be a leader. i mainly agree wt the statement that every leader needs optimism and confidencee because none of your followers will believe in you if you dont believe in yourself

    • michael haddad 2s

      this was a great video it had great characteristics for a leader. and also i liked the music, it was nice and soothing.

      • Jayne Kassin - 2R

        I agree with michael on the music part. I like this video because it shows the perfect characteristics to be a good leader. I mainly agree on number 3, which is confidence. If you have confidence you gain respect from others.

  6. Diane Azrak

    Do you think this is a better way of learning ?

    • susan benun

      i thought this was very amusing but i did not really understand what he was saying. this could be a good way of learning if it was more clear. this song sums up the book and all the actions of all the characters. this was interesting but i could not keep up with what he was saying.

    • Ovaiah fteiha

      it could be a good way of learning for someone who likes rap because he can memorize it better. But for me I didn’t understand anything he was saying so I wouldn’t use it

    • linda gindi

      It is hard to understand the words being said in this video, but i think that if these words were said clearer, this would be a fun and cooler way to learn

  7. this video was about the characteristic needed in order to become a good leader and I think that it fits what we learned in class about how to be a good leader and about who was the best leader in lord the flies

  8. michael haddad 2s

    this was good but i didn’t like it so much because i couldn’t really hear the words so clearly. maybe if it was clearer it could be a great summery of the book.

  9. This is the ending scene of the Lord of The Flies movie in 1990. Here we see how crazy the boys become in the end before they get rescued. They already killed Piggy and SImon, and were now trying to kill Ralph. What do you guys think about this scene?

    • moe chabot

      I think it is a good idea because it is very interesting but it is not good because it is hard to understand. so i am neutral about the idea of teaching like that.

  10. In this video it tells that emelia believes shes normal, scaring children and playing scary music, has goth become a new style?

    • ralph gindi

      I liked Ritas video because it showed that today goth is a style that is becoming so common that people think its normal.

    • helen shalam

      i liked ritas video because it shows what gothic means to the world today.Because its so common people think that its normal to be gothic even little kids.

    • Shaya Tawil

      This video is like The Tell Tale Heart in the way that it is very gothic and dark, Emelia, like Poe, thinks she is a normal person, and they are both very creepy.

    • Ovaiah fteiha

      This is a defenitly gothic it has a lot of the characteristics of a goth piece. And it shows today that goth is more of a style even for younger kids

    • Jayne Kassin - 2R

      I found this video very creepy. It scares me to realize that the style of goth is becoming so common. This video showed a lot of characteristics of gothic literature.

    • linda gindi

      I think this video showed us how we view goth today. Goth used to refer to the german nomatic tribes, but now it has become a style and from this video, its clear how common being goth is in the present day

    • Sylvia Dweck 2S

      rita this video was great! it was a great portrayal about goths today. It’s pretty sad that this little girl thinks its normal to live her life like that at such a young age. I think she needs some help because that is not a regular thing for a kid to think and it’s not okay!

    • Victor Dweck 2R

      The thing is, it depends in the type of society she lives in. Like 15 years ago if you saw someone talking into 2 strings while walking down the street, you would think he’s crazy. But today we know that he’s probably just talking on the phone on headphones.

    • margie kassab 2r

      This video was very creepy. It shows how much gothic literature is in our every day life today and how its even in the life of children.

    • mimi

      i liked this video a lot i thought it was funny. this shows how goth style became more accepted that it is even put in to a cartoon.

  11. Shaya Tawil

    Not so much because the words aren’t so clear and it did not cover everything needed to know about the book. (in reply to diane)

    • morris franco

      this video really shows a gothic life style. this girl believes it is normal to cause terror, live a dark depressing life, and listens to goth music. in class we discussed all the ideas of the gothic lifestyle and this video showed all f it.

  12. moe chabot

    do you think this is a gothic video

    • jack bibi 2s

      I do think this is a good Gothic video because it had most of the characteristics of gothic in it yet i think that this video is too childish.

    • Victor Dweck 2S

      I do believe that it is a gothic video, but its more of a fun kind of gothic

      • Sylvia Dweck 2S

        I agree with victor. The video had gothic aspects but it wasn’t frightening. When I was younger I used to love this show and it used to creep me out a little.

    • linda gindi

      Yes, this video did have the gothic charactaristics. It had a haunted mansion and a lot of scary ideas, but the video was shown in a fun and childish way

  13. Margo Chabot

    In this video it shows a great example of metonymy because the effects made the scenes scarier then it really is. Do you think metonymy was shown as a good example in this video?

  14. moe maleh 2s

    I really liked dianes video because its an interesting way to learn besides from reading the book. . I found it sort of hard to understand but definitely helpful to understanding the book well.

  15. moe maleh 2s

    Ritas video was very interesting. I found it compelling that a little 6 year old girl thinks she is normal when she acts abnormal. I found the video creative in a way that its trying to show that every type of person tries to think that they are normal what ever they are doing.

  16. Daniel Hofftein 2-S

    I liked Rita’s video because it shows how goth is today and how the original meaning changed over time.

  17. morris franco

    this scooby doo video was a gothic video. one reason is because there i a huge mansion that looks haunted in the video. tere are also hidden passageways and doors that give the video a feel of mystery. i do think metonymy was shown in this video because the mansion represented something thrilling and spooky.

  18. this is the trailer of the raven writeen by edgar alan poe. why do you think poe’s literature, like this short story, was effected by the events taken place in his own life?

  19. Beni Banbahji 2S

    Yes, I think this Scooby Doo video is a Gothic video for many reasons. There’s a haunted house with secret passageways, as well as ghosts and bats. It’s also dark, and stormy.and there’s secret passageways. These are all signs that’s it Gothic.

  20. Shaya Tawil

    This video shows the life story of the father of gothic literature. It shows Poe’s ups and downs through his tough life, his stories and the mystery on how he died. Edgar Allan Poe’s tough life made him write what he wrote and become what he became.

    If he did not have the lifestyle he did, do you think he would be the father of gothic literature?

    • linda gindi 2s

      I dont think he would because the ups and downs in his life led to the making of his short stories. If he didnt go through all that pain, he would not be able to write such painful and gothic short stories

    • morris franco

      i think that this video does show how the life of edgar allen poe was so irritable. you can see by his short stories, edgar allen poe’s writing was effected by his life events. you can see how he struggled during his life through his writing

  21. Ovaiah fteiha

    This is a gothic video because it has many characteristics of a gothic video.dark,spooky,mystery,and mansions

  22. Ovaiah fteiha

    This is a video of a somebody discussing is” eye for an eye” morally right. As Jews it says in the torah that it’s correct. Do you think revenge is right,or eye for an eye is right?

    • Victor Dweck 2R

      Well, yea, I do think eye for an eye is right, but it usually depends on the situation. Perffect example, If I by mistake sneeze to my left not realizing that there was someone there, should he be acble to sneeze righ back on me? No. But then there is the other side, were I do something on purpose like murder (chas v’shalom), yes I would expect to get punished

      • Beni banbahji

        Yes I agree with victor that eye for an eye is right only in certain situations. If something was done by mistake to you then you shouldn’t try to get the person back. However, if somebody does something on purpose to you, then depending on how bad the situation is, that person should probably be punished accordingly.

      • How can we prove someone’s intentions? Can’t anyone say then that it was an “accident”

    • linda gindi 2s

      I think that an eye for an eye is right because if you do eye for an eye, your getting what you deserve but if you do revenge, your giving the other person a harder punishment for what they did. this video shows the perfect example of this concept

    • mimi

      i dont believe that an eye for an eye makes the hole world blind. you shouldnt go out of youre way to hurt someone because everyone gets what they deserve.

  23. ralph gindi 2s

    On ovaiah’s video, I likes that they explained that an eye for an eye can’t be taken literal because its not possible to exatcly damage the person the way they were damaged.

  24. Shaya Tawil

    I agree with you Ralph in that the damage cannot be done the same way it was done and it should be compensated for what the thief stole.

  25. linda gindi 2s

    This week in class we learned about the story The Monkeys Paw, where we see that you should be carful what you wish for. This video talks about wishing on something like a star and how it will come true, but sometimes if your wish does comes true, it will not be as great an outcome as you had hoped. What do you think?

    • Helen Shalam 2-S

      This song and the story The Monkeys Paw really shows me that i should really be careful of what i wish for because sometimes the outcome is not always what you hoped for. I agree with Ruthie in that you have to wish carefully because the wish that you meant to be good can become bad.

    • Marielle Salem 2-R

      Linda I love how you were able to point out the connection between the Disney song and the lesson learned from Monkey’s Paw. After reading the story, I realized how careful you have to be about what you wish for. Lots of times in our lives we take things for granted and don’t see what we have. Everyone should appreciate what they have and not always ask for more.

    • margie kassab 2r

      I liked how she connected the moneys paw to this. It was creative and enjoyable. I agree that we should be careful for what we wish for. Sometimes we just think before we say things that depend on whats happening at that moment.

  26. This is a trailer of frankenstein. It shows how a little mistake could turn anything around and be totally the opposite of what you expected. in this trailer there is a monster that comes to life hes very scarry and he killed people.
    what’s the definition of a monster to you?

  27. Ruthie Senior 2s

    I really learnt a lesson about being careful what I wish for. There always is a result of what you wish, either bad or good can come. You need to think out what you are going to wish for before you actually wish.

  28. morris franco

    this video showed the top most important characteristics a leader must have. these qualities really are essential to have to form everlasting relationships.

  29. Victor Dweck 2R

    Linda, you have a great point there! Maybe we all have to think over really what we wish for. For example, in SAFE class last week, we learned about the “Lottery Curse”. It was about this average family and everything was going normal and well until they won the lottery. Over time they just got greedier and wanted more and more with the money until one day the father game the son a large amount of money and he ended up spending it on drugs and all other bad things. The son started to get addicted……Long story short, maybe you don’t want to win the lottery because you might end up like this family, just wanting more and more. So, be careful what you fish for.

  30. morris franco

    i think that is a very true comment, linda. wishing for everything you want could be dangerous. it can lead too over indulgence of money, food, and more wishes. getting everything you wish for can turn a person to a whole diffrent kin of person.

  31. lorraine shamie

    I like this video ,and how it and monkeys paw showed me we should all start paying attention to what we wish for. You never know if its going to come true and sometimes u can just use that word like its nothing like “i wish she falls down the stairs” . If that happens first its horrible thing and second you wil have the guilt forever.

  32. morris franco

    no i do not think this a good way of learning because it is to unclear. the story is told in summary form which i do not like. you cant really have a deep discussion about the novel. it is better discussing the topic with the teacher in class because you can argue on the ideas of the book.

  33. Sylvia Dweck 2S

    Linda, this video was a great choice! you summed up the lesson into one paragraph and i agree with everthing you said. everyone should be careful what they wish for because the outcome can be bad. You never know what gd has planned for you and even if you make a wish, gd has the last say in what the result will be.

  34. ralph gindi

    Linda, I like the connection you made with a Disney song, very creative. I think people shouldn’t wish or want to wish for anything because it may turn out to be not what you expected. Everything is for the best and we should not mess with reality.

  35. ralph gindi

    Shaya, the a good background on Poe’s life. I now see why all of his stories are Gothic and spooky, because it reflects on his horrible life

  36. ralph gindi

    Moe, the video was cute, it had some Gothic ideas. Although it was a little childish, I liked it

  37. ralph gindi

    Diane’s video was different. It might be a good way of learning but I couldn’t really tell because the clarity of the video wasn’t so good. In the past I have seen teacher make songs to remember an idea, so it probably is.

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