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Here, one student a week will post a discussion thread for the class. It will be about something we discussed in class, an interesting link, or something out of the blue that is relevant to our class at hand. I look forward to reading your posts and I will use your insight in class discussion. 


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  1. We discussed in class that the setting and theme are the same in this movie. I think the TV series lost characters have a resemblance to the characters in Lord of The Flies.

    I watched the series and i noticed a few more resemblances. One other resemblance is the evil character in the series his name is Linus. him and a few other people went against jack and his men. He’s like Jack when Jack broke away from Ralph and the group.

    • Lauren Berkovits 2-S

      I think this is a great example of what a leader should be. He calms the people down and makes them less fearful by speaking in a calm and assuring way. He makes the people feel that they are in good hands and that they should have hope to make it off the island. It is a hard job to take the position of a leader and instill hope in others if you yourself are not even hopeful. This leader took control and helped these people despite how scared and unsure he may have been on the inside.

    • Beni Banbahji 2S

      I this this a great speech by Jack and a great example of what a leader should be. He speaks confidently and tries to organize everything in order to survive.. This is what a leader does. One of the lines that he said was that if they don’t live together than they’re going to die alone. These are very powerful and inspiring words by Jack

    • Shawn Blinder 2T

      This video shows the importance of team work. Without cooperation, a society cannot function. The foundation of any society is the ability to work together and get along with each other. People have to learn that the “every man for himself” method is not a good way to form a society.

    • Henry Janani ; Class 2-T

      This is a great video to show us a model of a real leader. A leader should draw everyone’s attention and respect through proving himself. This man is proving himself by keeping up hope, and using reasoning at the same time, in order to figure things out just in case no one comes to save them. If there was a leader like the one in this video in the novel of the Lord of the Flies, I am certain that there would have been a lot more order on the island. They may have not even needed rescue, for the leader would have everything worked out.

  2. Jacqueline Lazar ~2T

    Wow Albert, I really enjoyed this video. I actually sensed some hope in the leaders tone. You can really tell that he makes a great leader by his generosity. Instead of finding the water and keeping it all to himself, he offered it to everyone else. He also made sure that everyone would help contribute a little so they can get off the Island. I would feel very comfortable being trapped on a Island with him. Great video!

    • Yvette Mosseri 2-T

      Jacqueline, I agree with you 100%. The way he got everyone to listen to him and actually take in what he had to say was amazing. He really is a great leader. When he was talking he made it very clear that they needed to be organized in order for them to get off the island.

  3. harriet asson 2t

    i believe that this vidio is very inspiering. that some one can have the courage to try to lead a bunch of scared people on a island. that he could be brave enough to set rules and tell them taht we have to cooperate and work together or we will die. i agree with rachel i wouldent be the one to stand up and be the leader but im also happy to know that there are people in the world who are

  4. Dori Lati 2T

    Because no one commented i will. This video was really cute! and it actually makes me want to watch the hole series. They didn’t just sit there and wait for a miracle to happen Jack took charge and deployed everyone’s position and job. He and others acted very maturely and I’m sure they’d be saved because they have unity. Cute Video, I really Liked it

  5. Michal Yefet 2T

    This shows that Jack was a great leader, and never gave up. He told everyone that they have lived for 6 days and no one has come to rescue them, but soon someone will. Jack said that you have to contribute to something you can’t wait for things to happen. As a leader hope is always always a good trait to have.

    • Yael Shoushan 2T

      I agree with you michal. I thought this video was really interesting. It showed how Jack showed amazing leadership skills. He was the first to stand up and take charge. Jack had hope, and he didn’t give up. Hope is very important quality in a leader. I thought that it was really brave of him to take charge and help everyone.

    • kalya meshulam

      i agree with you michal. hope is a very important trait to have in a leader because if a leader doesn’t have any hope it’s hard to believe in what he is saying. jack also had the courage to speek up and say “stop” and that they should be organized and not be like animals or else they will die. this video made me feel safe and reassuring to know that if anything goes wrong there are people in this world who will try to help and not just think about themselves.

      • Itzik Nahmoud 2-T

        I think we can resemble to the novel “Frankenstein”, as well. In that, how the wretch watched over the the cottagers a.k.a his protectors, when he saw that taking (stealing) food to satisfy himself was wrong he didn’t just stop taking food. He gave back in return firewood and he shoveled the snow saving Felix some more time to get to other work. You can also say “Frankenstein” is the direct opposite of leadership because of the harsh relationship between Victor ( the creator) and the wretch (what was created). For example, when Victor agreed to creating a girlfriend wretch The monster said I’ll get back at you on your honeymoon if you don’t create her. He ended up ditching the body (of the girlfriend wretch) into a lake and ended up getting Elizabeth (his love) killed.

  6. Since we are discussing what things make up a leader, I just thought
    I’d post this video. We didn’t talk about this in class, but what
    makes a good leader is that if you want something to happen, you will
    make it happen. Your not supposed to care what anyone else thinks of
    your idea, as long as you believe in it. If people tell you enough
    times your wrong even though your right, you might start to believe
    them. I’m actually kind of surprised I didn’t think of this myself,
    but this video makes a very valid point on a key aspect of any great

    • Shawn, I love this video. I almost wish Ralph was able to conceptualize this. Had he held his leadership strong, against all odds, he could have saved a life. Maybe he needed a leader too.

      • Michelle Kraidman 2T

        I loved this video. It really showed the qualities of a good leader, much of which Ralph did not have. One thing stood out for me that a leader has to question things and not accept wrong things, he has to have the strength to go against the flow even if it means losing a few followers. If Ralph would have been more strict maybe he could have been a good leader, but he cared more that the boys liked him, and in the end that didn’t help, because they still followed Jack.

      • Interesting. What makes you think that Ralph’s main concern was to be liked?

    • Beni Banbahji 2S

      I think this video showed what a true leader should be like. It doesn’t matter if people call them crazy or they’re not liked much, because in the end it’s the “crazy” ones that make a difference in this world. Not everyone is the same. Everyone is different and has a thing that’s special about them. However, it’s up to us to make a difference. As said in the video above, it’s the leaders that ” push the human race forward”.

    • harriet sasson 2t

      i really liked this vidio it really showed the charictoristics that a leader should have. i totaly agree with yvette. if u really believe in what you are saying you should always take action, and even though their will be people like jack who will try to bring you down. you should never give up!

    • Dori Lati 2T

      I liked this video but I thought it wasn’t so informative. I actually watched this twice to like rehear the details. But i agree with what Shawn says “Your not supposed to care what anyone else thinks of your idea, as long as you believe in it. If people tell you enough times your wrong even though your right, you might start to believe them.” I liked the video the second time i watched it because I was paying attention to the words much more. Really interesting video Shawn.

    • Victor Dweck 2R

      Oh my god, I love this video, Iv’e seen it before, I forgot where. But still every time I see it, It makes me love/miss Steve Jobs more and more. Because he really showed you how to be a leader. Leaders don;t care what others have to day about them, as long as they believe that they can change the world, they can!

    • Albert Benjamin 2T

      I think that this video is amazing and shows some qualities of a leader but I feel that the characteristics that are shown in this video are not only of a leader like Ralph but also like Jack. In the video it says the rebels and troublemakers which is the way that Jack tried to lead the island. But this video also says that the people that believe they can change the world, do change the world. This is almost like the way that Ralph believed that the fire would rescue them and it did.
      This is random but video also shows how being different isn’t bad.

    • Yael Shoushan 2T

      I thought this video was really interesting. It showed how you shouldn’t care what other people are saying about you if you think its the right thing to do. A good leader should believe in himself. If you believe in yourself u can make a difference, you can make the world a better place. It shows that its okay to think differently then others.

    • Itzik Nahmoud 2-T

      At first, I was thinking of Jack. Not until after 0:35 seconds did I think of Ralph. I think this resembles ” The Lord Of The Flies” a lot. At first, in the starting chapters, Jack and his group were an asset to Ralph and his companions (in my opinion). However, when Jack and his group started hunting Pigs and reciting chants (for ex. Slash its throat…) I thought he was becoming uncivilized. Later, Jack became the leader and most of Ralph’s group abandoned Ralph. Even though many left Ralph, Ralph remained optimistic and never gave up ( and in the end both Jack and Ralph got saved). This is how I resemble the beginning of this video to the beginning of the book and the end of this video to the end of the book.

    • Henry Janani ; Class 2-T

      I loved watching this video. It really does describe the qualities of a real leader. A real leader is supposed to view things differently. The ones who are thought of as the “crazy ones”, or the ones looked down upon, are usually the ones that actually have the potential to change the world and really make a difference. Also, I agree with Shawn, a real leader should stick to his beliefs, for if he is doubtful of his own beliefs than he shouldn’t be the one to give advice to others.

  7. Yvette Mosseri 2-T

    I thought this video was a great! It really got me thinking, that it is the people in this world who think they can’t make a change, that are actually the ones who make a change. Everyone has the potential to make a difference, even if its something small. The key to actually doing this, is to believe that you can and never be afraid of what other people think, because in the end none of them matter. All that matters is what you think and to never be afraid of voicing your opinion. I strongly believe that anything is possible if you just put your mind to it and have a positive attitude.

  8. Lauren Berkovits 2-S

    I liked the idea that this video is trying to teach us. It is telling us to start being optimistic and believe that we can do anything we set our minds to. The real characteristics of being a good leader is to believe in yourself and in others. In this video it said leaders “push the human race forward”. I think this means that a leader should also bring out the best in others. A leader and his followers should help each other succeed.

  9. david vainer 2-T

    I think this defines what a leader and how a leader is made. How leaders stand out, and are confident. They do what most people wont. They are the ones who wont quit no matter what. This is why there is one leader and many followers. One word that comes to my mind that describes a leader?Unique.

    I also want to know everybody elses thoughts on one word that describes a leader.

  10. Gabrielle Dayan 2T

    This video is truly inspirational,and i enjoyed it alot! After watching this video, I believe even more that Ralph was actually the leader in Lord of the Flies. Even though everyone left him to go to Jack,he still had Piggy and he did still try his hardest.Eventually in the end they were saved, not in the way Ralph planned but he still had plans which was great to begin with.Yvette,I love your comment. I also have dreams and goals of becoming a better person, that I would like to accomplish one day. I may not plan to be a big leader with followers,but I do hope I can inspire others.

  11. Michelle Dana 2T

    I think this video shows what a true leader should be like. Some one who believes that they can change the world. Someone who will never give up until the very end. This video can greatly relate to our class discussions because in this video the leaders that are shown were very controversial, and many of them were disliked, but in the end, whether the outcome was good or bad, it was known that they are a good leader.

    • kalya meshulam

      today alot of people are always trying to be like everyone else and not like themselves because they think being different is bad. they think no one will accept them for who they really are because to everyone around them they’re odd and weird. this video showed that being different doesn’t make you weird, it makes you unique. in the video it said “the people who think thay are crazy enough to change the world are the ones who do”. it shows that if everyone is the same and if we all thought the same we would never have change and we would never have new invetions or art. i thank the crazy people who think outside the box and who dont do the same things as everyone else because then today wouldnt be like today.

  12. At the beginning of this year we discussed how in such dangerous times, people can lose their morality and civility. A couple of days ago I saw the movie “Contagion”. Contagion is a very scary movie that starts off with a woman who thought she was just “jet lagged”, but in reality contracted a deadly disease that spreads throughout the world. Although it was terrifying, I found it interesting and I was connecting it to Lord of the Flies in many ways. Towards the end of the movie when they were beginning to get vaccines for this disease, everyone wanted one. In one scene they were running out of vaccines, so obviously people began to get out of control (running, pushing, screaming, etc…). No one cared about anyone else except for themselves. What character in Contagion (if you saw the movie) is similar to a character in Lord of the Flies? Based on the brief summary above, how would you connect the theme of Contagion to Lord of the Flies? How would you react in this situation if G-d forbid it ever happened to you?

    • jordan hill

      this video is truly correct no matter how a person acts they can not be classified as leaders unless the follow what they believe in and what is right in LOFT this was not the case Ralph became leader do to his ideas and sense of hope not what was right.

  13. At the beginning of this year we discussed how in such dangerous times, people can lose their morality and civility. A couple of days ago I saw the movie “Contagion”. Contagion is a very scary movie that starts off with a woman who thought she was just “jet lagged”, but in reality contracted a deadly disease that spreads throughout the world. Although it was terrifying, I found it interesting and I was connecting it to Lord of the Flies in many ways. Towards the end of the movie when they were beginning to get vaccines for this disease, everyone wanted one. In one scene they were running out of vaccines, so obviously people began to get out of control (running, pushing, screaming, etc…). No one cared about anyone else except for themselves. What character in Contagion (if you saw the movie) is similar to a character in Lord of the Flies? Based on the brief summary above, how would you connect the theme of Contagion to Lord of the Flies? How would you react in this situation if G-d forbid it ever happened to you?

    • Beni Banbahji 2S

      Well, I didn’t watch the movie, but from your brief summary and the trailer I can see how it’s similar to Lord of The Flies. In both the Contagion and Lord of the Flies people ran out of control and started to care about nobody else but themselves. All they cared about was their own survival.

    • Dori Lati 2T

      In my opinion i think Chedva nailed her point to the video, meaning the video was perfect for what she was trying to say. I didn’t watch this movie but based on your description the movie “Contagion” but i disagree with you when you say its similar to lord of the flies. Even though, like i said, i never watched the movie i think it sounds more similar to The Hunger Games because:
      1. In the Hunger Games everyone was for themselves-selfish.
      2. Everyone wanted to find a vaccine to cure the disease- Everyone in the Hunger Games wanted to find a way to win.
      3.Everyone went from being civilized to losing their morality.
      Over all I did enjoy the video and it seems to me that this movie is a great movie.

    • Michelle Kraidman 2T

      I agree that Contagion showed the inhumanity of people, but it is shown in a different way than in lord of the flies. Contagion shows how human beings can resort to inhumane acts in order to survive the threat, and it doesn’t really show that people are naturally evil, just that in the face of danger they make questionable decisions. However, in Lord of the Flies, the author is trying to show that people are naturally evil, not in the face of danger, but when there is no stable government directing them and showing them right and wrong, and that humans are never moral they are just trained to act that way.

      • Really interesting Michelle. I agree with the difference that you pointed out. Do you not think the boys in Lord of the Flies were ‘in the face of danger’?

      • Jacqueline Lazar ~2T

        I dont think this video relates so much to lord of the flies. Lord of the flies is trying to prove people are naturally evil. This video is showing a woman who had a disease and spread it worldwide. This woman didnt mean to kill so many people but there was nothing she could do to stop it. The only similarity that i see is the fact that they both have selfish people in it whom only want to help themselves. (Jack and the people in this video who put themselves first before others)

    • Michelle Kraidman 2T

      Ms. Robinson, the boys weren’t in any specific danger until Jack started to attack. They needed to survive until they get rescued. The boys had nothing to gain from rebelling against Ralph, and that proves what Golding is trying to show us, that people are naturally evil, they don’t need to face any danger for that evil to come out.

    • david vainer 2-T

      i dont see very clearly the connection from the trailer but from the summary i understood, im sure that if i watched the movie i would be albe to understand the connection much better, also in these times is when we see the true image of man.

    • Shawn Blinder 2T

      I think this video shows that human nature is to only care about yourself. Chaos can be caused by the slightest sign of change. People will do anything to get what they need in a time of distress. However, if these people would work together, maybe more problems will get solved, and in time so that nothing bad will happen.

    • Itzik Nahmoud 2-T

      I think this is a nice connection to Lord Of The Flies, it has many similarities and some differences. In Lord Of The Flies and from your description I cant tell that in both there were two parties in your description I’d say the people giving the vaccines (like ralph having leadership at first) and the people without the vaccines becoming uncivilized (like Jack when he starts his own party and ignores the rescue aspect of the fire and instead hunts Pigs and creates gory chants about it). Plus, in both it was a life or death situation. As a difference, I would say that in this movie they were already civilized beforehand and lived in their civilization but in Lord Of The Flies it place in the middle of a war and in an uninhabited forest. However, (in Lord Of The Flies) they once were civilized, making another similarity to this video. If this (G-d forbid) did happen to me I would certainly not just be calm about it, but I do know running wild won’t help.

  14. harriet sasson 2t

    i think it also relates to lord of the flies because in the muvie their was this one man who went against the doctors and people who wanted to save the world because he thought he was right. this man relates to jack from lord of the flies because he rebeled against ralph because he thought he was duing the right thing and ralph was not. if g-d forbid i was in this situatoin i would prob try to stay come and listen to the docters and try to help the best way that i can.

  15. Hello to everybody reading this. The reason I chose this video is because immediately when the question: “What does it take to be a leader?” was taught, I immediately thought to myself what is a leader, and who is the leader. I thought of president Obama and Jack…. The reason I chose a video of the election is because you make goals and then whatever happens later… and this in my opinion really reflects Ralph. So, in your opinion who would you resemble president Obama to in lord if the flies and why?

    • david vainer 2-T

      i think that it reflects both jack and ralph, he seems nice and has reasonable goals for his country, but looks can be decieving. people cheer and clap but…. are his words really true?

  16. RiviSaad2T

    Since today in class we began to talk about The Hunger Games, I thought I should post a song that I think represents this book. I feel like this song shows what was running through the children’s minds in the arena. It’s suspenseful and scary, and it right away came to me when I thought of the hunger games. The lyrics include “theres a beast creeping up at you…something evil is lurking in the dark.”
    Is the beast represent the same concept as it does within the Hunger Games and Lord of the Flies?

    • Dori Lati 2T

      I love this video! Great connection Rivi! I feel like the beast in the Hunger Games and LOTF makes the book much more interesting for the reader. The beast represents the uncivil society that they evolved into. If you actually pay attention to the words it has a lot of lyrics that connect with the two books. I loved how in the end of the video Michael Jackson turns around with the beast-like face. I think that shows that behind every civil man (or woman) these a bit of immorality waiting to shine. (ex; Yetzer hara)

    • Albert Benjamin 2T

      Great connection Rivi. I feel like this song connects to the end of the Hunger Games when the wolfs came after them. When the wolfs came after them they recognized their faces and the dead people were also once live people in the video. Also in the end of the video it shows the people together and safe just like how in the Hunger games Katniss and the bakers son were both safe and together on the train. This video also has a sense of fear in which the kids in the games had the entire time.

    • Shawn Blinder 2T

      When kids are put in a jungle to fight to the death, lots of things could be going through there minds. They could be scared. They could be anxious. There could even be some of those people who know exactly what to do, like the Careers. I think you made a great connection, Rivi.

  17. Gabrielle Dayan 2T

    I like the way you connected a Micheal Jackson song to the Hunger Games. I think the beast represents the same concept as it does within the Hunger Games and Lord of the Flies. The beast represented fear in Lord of the Flies, and I think the theme of this song is all about fear and horror.

  18. Michal Yefet 2T

    The beast in the song does represent the same concept as it does within the Hunger Games and Lord of the Flies. They all represent the same concept because the beast symbolizes fear.

  19. muriel safdieh 2r

    I think this video really does connect to the Hunger Games. When I watched it i was a little freaked out and it brought me back to a time when I was so scared. It also made me realize how terrifying being in the Hunger Games must have been. At any second, somebody could be just creeping up at you and be preparing to kill you. At the end of the video, the man came out of nowhere to the girl’s room and it really reminded me of what could happen to any contestant in the Hunger Games.

  20. Rachel Chazanoff 2T

    Rivi, this was an awesome relation between the books and the song you chose! I think that the feeling of this song is very frightening and that the characters in the Hunger Games (especially Katniss) was feeling that scared and worried feeling. In the song, Michael Jackson is sending out this vibe that something bad is going to happen and that’s how the characters of the Hunger Games must have felt often in the arena.

  21. harriet sasson 2t

    i think the beast does represent the same consept in lord of the flies and the hunger games.i also think the beast represents fear and horror like gabrielle and michal said. i also thought that it was very smart of rivi to connect this music vidio to the hunger games.

    • Jacqueline Lazar ~2T

      Wow Rivi! this was a great connection to the hunger games. It reminded me of the part were Peeta and Katniss were trapped by all the wolves. It also shows how scary the games must have been. Michael Jackson also gives us a vibe (foreshadowing) that something bad is going to happen.

  22. Michal Yefet 2T

    When Panam was torn into 12 Districts, people rebelled. To punish the people, The Capitol made an annual Hunger Games event, where one boy and one girl from each district was chosen to compete. When Prim was chosen to go into the games, Katniss took action and went instead. She could not risk her sister going into the arena and maybe never coming out. How would you react if a family member or close friend of yours was chosen to join the games?

    • Yvette Mosseri 2T

      If I were in a situation like that I would do the same thing Katniss did. I would never want one of my family members to be put in danger, especially when its a life or death situation. I would do everything I can to make things right so that no one would have to suffer.

    • Michelle Kraidman 2T

      I want to say that if a family member of mine was chosen i would take the place of them, but you can never really know. To them being chosen is basically a death sentence, and who knows maybe if I was faced with that situation I would be so shocked I would just stand there, not take action, because who can think in a time like that. The amazing thing was that Katniss didn’t have to think, her sister was chosen, and she knew what she had to do, and she did it.

      • kalya meshulam 2T

        i agree with you michelle 100%. i would also like to say that if one of my family members were chosen i would take their place, but i really dont know if i would have the guts to do that and sacrifice myself to save that person. i would probably just stand there in shock and not know what to do. i was never in a situation like that where i have to think fast or else something bad will happen, so im very happy that nothing like that will ever happen.

    • Victor Dweck 2R

      My reaction would be, extremely scared and nervous. Like its a really hard and disturbing thought. Think about seeing your little sister be chosen to be in the game. I would right away go in her place, knowing that if I don’t then 99% chance she will be killed, where as I would have a better chance (not saying that I would definitely win, but I would have a better chance than her)

    • Yael Shoushan 2T

      Honestly, Im not sure what i would do if one of my family memebers were chosen to join the games. I wish i would be brave like Katniss and be able to take there place. The way the Capital treated the districts was terrible. The Capitol had the games for there own entertainment at the risk of other peoples lifes, i thought it was extremly selfish of them..

    • Shawn Blinder 2T

      This shows that some people, even when under pressure, they will do the right thing. If you truly love someone, you will do anything to keep them out of harm’s way. All it takes is a tiny action to save the life of someone you love. Looking forward to seeing the movie, but I think the book might be better.

    • Itzik Nahmoud 2-T

      This is a nice video of how and why the hunger Games started, what they had to do, and that a girl and boy were chosen from each district to compete withe the others. If this happened to someone close to me I would like to believe (I would because my raw instinct is always to help) I would do just the same as Katniss because she was just so courageous throughout the whole predicament. I think we can compare and differ this to the novel “Frankenstein”, being similar to the wretch and the exact opposite of Victor. The wretch faced the cottagers leaving him and all the people who fled on sight when he wanted food. Even after all this he never gave up and was courageous enough to save a little girls life (only to get shot) even though he was depressed from his previous experience of everyone fleeing away from him. Why would he care to save a life when he was getting left behind by others?

    • Henry Janani ; Class 2-T

      Family comes before anything. If any of my family members were chosen into the games I would jump into their place without a doubt. However, if it was a close friend it is a very different case. Friends come and go in life and cannot be compared to family, which is of your own flesh and blood. So I most likely wouldn’t jump into the place of a close friend if he/she was chosen into the games; however, for a family member, I definitely would.

    • Itzik Nahmoud 2-T

      (Addition to last comment) When Victor faced a problem he did not take immediate leadership he got all depressed about it and referred to nature to console himself. When on the other hand, when Katniss heard that Prim was chosen to be in the Hunger Games she took immediate action and took her place.

  23. Rachel Chazanoff 2T

    Michal, I definitely liked this clip because it was a quick summary and the basic gist of the book. I think the suspence expressed in the video related to the suspense I felt while reading the book. I cant wait to see the movie because it is always interesting to see others views on the book and I like picking out the differences and similarities in the book.

    • Muriel safdieh 2r

      I enjoyed watching this clip because I was really able to visualize in my mind what the Hunger Games were all about. I think what katniss did stepping up for her sister and taking her place was so amazing. It is not an easy choice or task and it takes alot of courage and determination. Honestly, if I was put in that situation I don’t think I would have done what katniss did. But, I admire her and to me she is a true hero.

  24. harriet sasson

    if i were in the situation that katniss was in, when her younger sister prim was chosen at the reaping i would do what katniss did and step in because i wouldent want to see a loved one get killed or put in that kind situation were they would have to kill or die .

    • Mia Erdos

      Great clip, I can’t wait till the movie comes out! Thats a very good question, because I actually always think to myself if I would be that selfless and take my sisters spot just like Katniss did. It depends on the situation. If i was a great hunter and knew how to support my family just like Katniss did, I probably would. But knowing myself, not that strong of a person, I don’t know if I would be able to survive. I would also be very disappointed if I would die, and let my family and district down.

  25. harriet sasson

    in class we learned about the love triangle between Katniss, Peeta and gale, and how she was kinda pretending to like Peeta just to get more sponsers which is very helpful to stay alive in the arena. what do you think did Katniss really like Peeta? or was she just pretending? and if so do you think she likes gale?

    • Dori Lati 2T

      Great Video Harriet! I think that Katniss really loved Gale and not Peeta for many reasons. One of them being that she was always with gale, she probably feel in love with the friendship. The love for Peeta, I believe was all an act for sponsors. Maybe at the end she did feel a bit of chemistry between her and Peeta only because she kept acting the part she probably started to have feelings for him. At the end when she decided to pull the stunt with the berries to save both her life and Peeta’s I thought it was a sign of sincerity and thankfulness not love.

    • Itzik Nahmoud 2-T

      I think this is a nice video that allows you to have a better understanding (visually) of what happened at this point in time of the game. I think that Katniss did not like Peeta all that much because in the book it says every time she did such acts of love that she had to do it if she wanted to live because such acts bring sponsors. However, I do believe she did have a certain connection with him because they both saved each other in life or death situations.

    • Shawn Blinder 2T

      Personally, like Albert said in class, I dont think they are in love at all. They are too young to truly know if they love each other of not. Although, there could be a feeling of lust between them. I think this is a good video to compare the love triangle between Katniss, Peeta, and Gale.

    • Henry Janani ; Class 2-T

      I think that deep down she really likes Peeta. Especially from the looks of this video clip, it seems that what they have is real! It doesn’t seem pretended at all. I’m sure she might have somewhat feelings for Gale, but I am positive that you can’t go on “pretending” to like someone for so long without actually starting to fall for them. And truthfully, that is probably what happened. She probably began the whole love scene in order to get sponsers, but ended up actually falling for Peeta. We see this, from how she calls out Peeta’s name as soon as she heard the announcement that a guy and a girl may win the Hunger Games.

  26. harriet sasson 2t

    if i was in katniss position were her sister was called to the reaping to be entered in the hunger games i would of did the same thing and went instead. i wouldent want to put one of my loved one in the situation were u would have to kill or die.

  27. harriet sasson 2t

    in class we are learned about the love story of katniss and peeta. katniss has to protend to like peeta to get sponsers which is very important to have a lot of sponcers to stay alive. what to do you think, does she really start liking him? or is she just pretendin to stay alive? and if u think he is pretending does she like gale?

    • Jacqueline Lazar ~2T

      I think Katniss was confused over who she liked. I think when she was pretending to like Peeta she fell in love with him. In the book, Katniss also risks her life for Peetas. She makes sure that hes safe and takes care of him. I dont think someone would risk their life for someone they dont love.

      • Yael Shoushan 2T

        I agree that Katniss was confused with who she liked. I believe that she loved them both but in diffrent ways. She grew up with gale so i feel like she has more of a brother sister realationship with him. In the story Katniss starts falling in love with peeta during the games. I think the way that Peeta cared for Katniss made her feel more safe.

      • Mia Erdos

        I really liked this video Harriet! I think that Katniss really liked Gale because she felt really close to him and she felt she had someone she can rely on. Katniss felt comfortable with Gale. During the Hunger Games as Katniss acts like she likes Peeta, I think Katniss actually starts to fall in love with him. From the stories that Peeta tells Katniss, she starts feeling some love. Also from acting that she loves Peeta, I think that Katniss’s heart starts to believe that the love is real. So Katniss thinks she loves Peeta, but she is not quite sure. She is probably having mixed feelings over who she really likes. But I think Katniss only likes Peeta for the moment. She likes Gale for a while now, and I think that feeling will never go away.

    • Albert Benjamin 2T

      This is not exactly how i imagined the movie would be but my opinion is that what she had for Peeta was really love. This scene shows actual romance but I don’t remember a scene in the book showing emotion like this between Gale and Katniss. Overall i feel that She loves peeta but has lust for Gale but shes to young to realize it.

  28. Eyal Goldberg 2T

    We have recently learnt how Shirley Jackson wants people to know why they do some traditions. Like in the short story the Lottery nobody knows why the Lottery is done. There is a known non jewish holiday coming up called Halloween. Why do u think they dress up? What is the reason behind their tradition?

    • Gabrielle Dayan 2T

      I thought this video was very interesting and it actually taught me things I never knew. I always used to think Halloween was just some random holiday without any reason behind it. Th reason behind the tradition is exactly what the video and harriet said. It started because of a boy named Jack who always tricked people. I think people dress up because they find it fun.

    • Dori Lati 2T

      Now I finally know where Halloween came from. So strange how it is from an Irish background. I still don’t understand why they dress up and decorate there windows and stuff. I always thought Halloween was established to copy the Jewish holiday of Purim. I was so wrong. The “Myth” with Jack was really strange but it’s actually a very intresting story. Good video Eyal!

  29. harriet sasson 2t

    i think it was very clever to connect the lottery to something like Halloween. i thought it was very interesting to learn about why the non-jews celebrate this holoday because i have always wanted to know were they came up with that tradition.i also believe that you should always try to learn why you do the things that you are customed to do but you should also try to learn others as well. i think the reason behind thier tradition was that their was a boy named jack and he always did trickes on people so in memery of him they do trick or treat. they also believe that he went to the underworld and tried to play a trick on the devil and sent him wondering with a lantern and thats how they got the jack-o-lantern.

  30. Yvette Mosseri 2-T

    Wow! Now I finally understand the meaning of Halloween. I always wondered what the point of trick or treating and dressing up was, and now I do. This holiday always seemed pointless to me and that it was just for fun but now I see that there is actually a reason for why they do each thing.

    • Mia Erdos

      It’s funny how I never knew why Halloween came about till today. Most of the Halloween traditions like trick-or-treat and decorating pumpkins and using them as lanterns all started from this one person Jack. Jack liked to play tricks on people and thats where they came up with trick-or-treat. When Jack was in the underworld he liked to play tricks on the devil, so the devil sent Jack with a lantern to go search for his soul and thats where the jack o lanterns come from. I think that they dress up because its like a funny thing and its like making a trick on someone because they don’t know who is in the costume. So that is like how Jack liked to play all those tricks.

  31. This is one of Edgar Allan Poe’s most famous quotes. Can you become Insane while being sane? Or Is every sane person have ideas in their head that could make them insane in their own way? lets hear what you think!!

    • Gabrielle Dayan 2T

      This is such an interesting quote. I think it’s possible to become insane while being sane, but only for some people. If you have the right mind set and always stay positive I think you can be sane for a long time. Unfortunately there are some people who think in different ways and many things can bother them. This can probably lead up to insanity. Overall, I think it depends on the person and the persons thoughts.

    • Dori Lati 2T

      Really interesting quote Joseph. I believe that everyone has a little bit of ‘insanity’ in them. Nobody’s perfect and no body is 100% sane. I think insanity doesn’t mean your a criminal or retarded it means you are anything but normal. “I became insane with long Intervals of horrible sanity.” I think what Edgar Allen Poe is trying to say is that he became immoral after a period of time of doing horrible normal things. What do you guys think the quote means?

    • RiviSaad2T

      I think that what he meant when he said this, was that when things are going really well, you start to question everything, and it basically drives you insane!
      I can relate to this quote because I tend to get nervous and anxious when everything’s going great. I find this to be a very interesting concept.

    • Yvette Mosseri 2T

      Thats a very interesting quote Joesph. I never heard of something like that before. Now that I’m actually thinking about it, it does make some sense. A person can be sane and insane but it all depends on the person individually. I think Edgar Allan Poe is very clever, and chooses his words very carefully.

    • david vainer 2-T

      i think everyone is insane in their own way and sane in their own way also. every peson is diffrent and people think and have diffrent mind sets.

    • Shawn Blinder 2T

      This is a great quote, Joe. I think that different people have different opinions of what insanity is. Although, the definition of insanity is doing something over and over again, expecting a different result. So maybe you can think what you’re doing over and over again can get a different result, when you’re really just slowly becoming insane.

  32. RiviSaad2T

    I really liked this video. It was very informative and I finally know where all these weird traditions came from. I never understood the meaning of halloween, until now. I would have never thought that halloween was Irish! who knew?!

  33. Rachel Chazanoff 2T

    As we discussed in class, after Edgar Allan Poe passed away, mysterious things happened to his grave. But what we didn’t discuss is how he actually died. As it says in the video, there are over 20 possibile ways he could have died. I think that there are endless mysteries to his death. I think that him dying a few days before Halloween was very eerie. It is interesting that the way he died was so obscure but even more so that his books were all just as Spooky as his death
    How do you think he died??

    • Gabrielle Dayan 2T

      Rachel, I feel the same way about Edgar Allen Poe dying a few days before Halloween. I think the many rumors of his death could’ve actually been one of his stories! No one is ever sure of how he died but after reading all of his stories I feel maybe he did it to himself. This may not be true, but after watching this video I would think he had too much to drink, after all he was an alcoholic. If only there would have been a letter lying next to him! If there was a letter lying next to him what do you think it would say?

      • Yvette Mosseri 2T

        I think this was a great video. It shows the many different possibilities of how Edgar Allan Poe died. It seems so weird to me that no one knows how he died. The thought of a man who wrote Gothic literature died right before Halloween, and his death is a mystery gives me the chills. After watching this video I now have a better understanding of Poe’s death.

    • Yael Shoushan 2T

      This is a very intresting video. Poe had a mysterious life and his death is still a mystery. I agree that its very strange that he died a few days before halloween. Edgar Allen Poe was the father of gothic literature, i think that its a little ironic that till today no one knows exxactly what led to his death.

    • Mia Erdos

      I find it ironic how his death is a mystery. Most of Poe’s stories ended in mysterious ways also, and we had to try to figure out what happened and why he wanted to kill the people in the story. Th same way we will never find out the way Poe died, we will never find out the missing information in his stories. I think Poe’s death can be made into a gothic literature story of its own.

      • Jacqueline Lazar ~2T

        Mia, I agree with your response. Its pretty Ironic how well never know the cause of his death just like well never find out the missing information in his stories. I think one of the possible causes of his death was being that someone murdered him. Maybe that same person is the one who’s putting the flowers on his grave because he’s guilty. We learned in class that you cant escape from guilt so maybe this is the persons way of expressing it without anyone knowing.

    • Henry Janani ; Class 2-T

      I think that before he died, he was kidnapped and drugged by thugs. As it was said in the video, it was the election time of the year when thugs kidnapped people. He was an eye of interest due to all of the stories he wrote, so it made sense why thugs would kidnap particularly him. They probably drugged him and maybe even raped him before letting him go. That may explain the reason he was wearing different clothes that didn’t even fit him when he was found. After the thugs did what they wanted with him, they probably just left him on the streets with no food. He was probably there unconscious until he died. Although his death still remains a mystery, that is my perspective of how it probably happened, due to the information from this video.

    • david vainer 2-T

      i think it is hard to understand the true deat of poe because of his hecktic life. my best guess would be because of some disease but its still very hard to tell,the man clearly had many hardships througout his life.

    • Shawn Blinder 2T

      As said in this video, there were many possible ways he could’ve died. I think that maybe someone was out to get him. Its possible that he incorporated his life into his own stories, and someone who had hurt Poe in the past got angry and killed him. Great video, Rachel.

    • Michal Yefet 2T

      This was a great video. It makes you wonder how Edgar Allan Poe really died. His death was very mysterious, there are different stories on how he died. You can never know what will happen in a mystery, usually they leave you hanging. When Edgar Allen Poe died, no one was around him to witness the truth. I think he became very ill from drinking to much and died as a result.

  34. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8ifkJx-bcO0&feature=youtube_gdata_player here is a video on the short story we did in class on the cask of amontillado. It help be better understand the story but some of the parts I saw differently, tell me what u think.

    • Dori Lati 2T

      Besides the fact that the characters in the video are very strange it actually helped me understand the story. Reading it was very confusing because you don’t really know who’s who but now that its acted out its much easier to understand the story and I don’t have to picture it in my head anymore and try to figure out what’s going on. This video was interesting and beneficial.

    • Albert Benjamin 2T

      This video was interesting and was easier to understand. The hard words in the story you can understand in the video because you can see the way he acts it out and it helped picture the setting of the story. The clip also showed that the killer was insane in a way the way he acted.

  35. Murray Mizrachi 2-T

    I think the video that the jordan posted was excellent. It helped me understand more why Edgar Allen Poe was the father of Gothic Literature. Poe is always writing about eerie and frightening stories. However, his death even makes the meaning of his stories more intruiging. No one knows the cause of death for Edgar Allen Poe which gives his stories more meaning and understanding.

  36. david vainer 2-T

    i think that Poe’s sad and depressing life was the reason for his gothic literature. he was a man with many problems and it was reflected in his storys.

  37. Rachel Chaz 2T

    I agree with David. Most authors use what they know throughout their life to incoporate in thier stories. Poe live a tragic life between his parents getting a divorce when he was just one year old and dying short after that. A lot of people thought of him as someone crazy and in most of his stories that we read in class, he always seems to put a crazy character in them.

  38. Dori Lati 2T

    In class we are reading Frankenstein. In the Story Frankenstein brings an inanimate and dead body back to life. We were assigned to create our own monster and give it life. This is a short claymation of Frankenstein which I thought was so cool. It shows all the attempts he took to bring the dead body to life. What do you guys think of the video? How did you guys give your monster ‘Life’!?! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s6YIoCWNq0c

    • Thats a very cute satire on the story. It makes me wonder how many times Frankenstein actually attempted to make the monster. It looks like it worked on his first attempt, doesn’t it?

      • Mia Erdos

        The Frankenstein book we read in class makes it look like the creation came to life on his first attempt, but this video shows us that it took 13 attempts till it worked out. I wonder how much tries it really took till Frankensteins creation came alive? The monster I created came to “life” by the darkness. But the way I wrote my story, people might believe that my monster had come on its own and just appeared out of no where.

    • Gabrielle Dayan

      I enjoyed this video a lot! It put a cute twist to the whole Frankenstein creation, even though it was different from the book. Just like Mia said, it really makes me wonder how many tries it took for Frankenstein to create his monster. In this video my favorite attempt was attempt number seven. In this attempt the “Frankenstien” wasn’t shown, a robot drove in instead and controlled everything. This was the only “attempt” I could actually relate to the book. It reminded me of the way Frankenstein just abandoned his monster and didn’t give him a chance. The robot can be related in a way to the monster, because the monster had to take control of himself, and do everything on his own. The way I gave my monster life because it actually came out of my very own body!

  39. Mia Erdos

    In class we talked about Frankenstein’s reactions to when his creation came to life. How did this video differ from the Frankenstein book we read? How were there actions different when the “monster” came to life? If you had a creation that came to life what would your reactions be and what would you name it? Would you run away from your creation like Franksenstein did to his in the book we read?

    • Mia, this is really interesting. I like the video because it’s a cute depiction of what happened, but it is completely different from the novel. Here, Victor is actually happy with this experiemtn and says that he finally feels what it must be like to be God. It is interesting to note that in both the novel and the film, he makes the monster into a “thing” and not a human. “It‘s alive.”

      • Henry Janani ; Class 2-T

        I realized the biggest difference in what happens in this film to what happens in the Frankenstein. Here, the creator is proud of his creation, as it is supposed to be! In the Frankenstein, the first impression the creator has on his creation is that it is ugly! He regrets creating it from the start of its coming to life. However, in this film, you can tell that the creator is proud of his creation. Based on his reaction, you can assume that the creator would take care of his creation and give it all the love it needs. That is the major difference between what happens in this film, to what happened in the Frankenstein.

    • harriet sasson 2t

      his reaction was different to the one victor had in the book. in this video he was proud of his creation we see this when he says “its alive now i know what it feels like to be god”but victor ran away from his creation and called it a wretch and corpse. if a made creation and it came to life i would treat it well. i would act as if it was a human being and not call it it or wretch like they did.

    • Yael Shoushan 2T

      I agree that this video is very different from the book that we read. In the story victor is upset with what he created and in this video he appreciated what he had created. If i created something i would be excited at the thought of making something living. Even if what i created didnt turn out to be what i imagined i wouldn’t abandon it like victor did in the book.

    • david vainer 2-T

      i think i would have handled it in a diffrent manner than he did. First of, to be superior you have to at least look superior, and making the monster bigger than yourself isnt the brightest way to do something.

    • Michal Yefet 2T

      This video was a good description of how the monster was created. In the book, Frankenstein was alone in his layer, where in this video he had an assistant and he showed the creation to others. In the book, Frankenstein screamed and ran from terror, where here he screamed out of joy. If I would create a monster I to would also scream from joy, but I would not abandon my monster, I would stay with it and teach it things. I would give the monster a name depending on how it acted in the world.

    • Itzik Nahmoud 2-T

      This is a nice video but tests you of what you understood from the novel. As people before me wrote, that here he is happy about his creation and in the novel he looked at him and was disgusted right away. I would be amazed if one of my creations came to life, I would treat it as a human being, and never let it out of sight because I would obviously since I put all that effort into creating it, whether it may be good or bad. I would name it Gods Child (if I thought I was like a G-D after creating it, just like with Victors case).

      • Itzik Nahmoud 2-T

        correction to mistake- ….out of sight because I put a lot of effort, time, and dedicated myself to creating this creation (whether the creation may be good or bad).

  40. Rachel Chazanoff 2T

    This video was VERY different from the book! First of all, Victor was bringing him to life in front of others which didn’t happen in the book. H e was all alone when it came to life. Second, Victor wasn’t satisfied at all once he came to life. He even ran away from it!
    I would love my creation, although it might not be perfect. Everyday, whether it’s a test or homework or an art project, sometimes just knowing that I worked hard would satisfy me even when I don’t get a perfect score.
    Running away from a creation such as Frankenstein’s, who needs compassion and guidance should not be ignored. It’s like, ignoring your own infant!!

    • Mia Erdos

      I know that the video was very different from what we read, but that was the point. I wanted people to say what they saw that differed from what we learnt in class.

  41. Michelle Kraidman 2T

    In frankenstein we see both Frankenstein, and the monster finding refuge in nature. It calms them down, and helps them forget all the bad things that have happened to them. With finals coming we are all stressed. Turn off the lights and listen to these nature sounds for a few minutes. See if you feel more calm, or if it helps you forget about your stress. Can you relalte to how Frankenstein, and the monster felt when they were alone with nature?

    • Victor Dweck 2R

      Yea! Now I really feel like they did. Completely relaxed from nature. I had no clue that such a small 5 minute long video could really calm me down and de-stress myself for a short period of time. Now I know that whenever I get too stressed out, just to look up videos like these to cam me down

    • david vainer 2-T

      Nature soothes the mind and soul. when i feel alone and depressed nature allways brings me to my sences and calms me down. it shows me that someone is running this world and that he gave us some amazing things.

    • Henry Janani ; Class 2-T

      Life is simple, however, people complicate it. That is why when one is feeling stressed out or depressed, nature’s beauty calms him\her down. Being alone and just staring into the sky, the clouds, the moon, or any other natural sight brings ease to one’s mind and isolates the person from the drama people bring into life. Even when I am feeling down, I listen to music and stare at a beautiful natural sight, similar to what Frankenstein and the monster do in the novel.

    • Michal Yefet 2T

      This video was very relaxing. My mind cleared of thoughts when I heard the sounds in the video. The sounds of the birds and the pictures relaxed me, it reminded me of my trip in the summer where I hiked in nature. After reading this book i realized that I can relate to Frankenstein and the monster. When I was on my trip the nature around me calmed me down from all stresses and relaxed me.

    • Itzik Nahmoud 2-T

      I never actually thought of how it might have felt for the wretch to view nature this way. The wretch was like a baby in an adults body, he knew nothing at first but had “BIg shoes to fit” as the quote goes. I find it very interesting that he would always refer to nature right away like that to solace himself. And if you say we don’t see nature with all its beauty because we’re “stressed out” then, why did Victor refer to nature as well. Why was it one of the similarities between the wretch (creation) and Victor (creator), shouldn’t Victor just not care about nature because he was mostly stressed out (other than when he was in the Chamounix Valley- where he used nature to solace himself)?

  42. Gabrielle Dayan

    I had a totally different image of what the actual Frankenstein lab looked like! I didn’t enjoy this clip too much because there were so many parts that weren’t needed. I would never watch the full movie of this film. There are many differences in this video compared to the novel. The thing I enjoyed about this video was the fact that they changed it around. It made me try and analyze the book more carefully. The difference that stuck out to me the most was the fact that in this video there are many people. In the novel nobody knew about the monster except Frankenstein. The monster’s first movement in this clip was his hands moving, in the novel his eyes opened first. The part that was similar to the novel was Frankenstein’s reaction. In this video it seemed as if he was scared and upset.

  43. yael shoushan 2t

    this video was very relaxing. I felt very connected to nature. I feel like now i can relate to the life of the monster and how he felt so alone. I also now understand how the nature relaxed the monster and frankienstien.

  44. Ruthie Senior 2s

    I dont feel like these sounds relate too much to the story. When the monster was very lost he didnt feel relaxed, he felt confused. Although this video was very relaxing, i feel that the monster cant relate to these. He didnt just sit back and chill out he kept moving and walking around which is tireing.

  45. lorraine shamie

    Michele,this really helped me relax from my hectic week, nature really helps a lot of people escape. no wonder Frankenstien and the monster always looked to nature in stressful times or even when everyone was throwing things at the monster its like nature just accepts you.

  46. Rachel Chazanoff 2-T

    I really liked Michelle’s post. Everytime I feel stressed I like to listen to music but more often, I listen to nature sounds. I have an app on my iPad that plays ocean waves and I like to put it on when I’m having trouble sleeping. It really does work especially if I have a lot on my plate the next day. When we discussed the topic of escaping through nature in class, this automatically came to mind!

  47. Albert Benjamin 2T

    I know its not my week but i just found this video showing the first act of sympathy that Frankenstein has for his creation at the mountains and i wanted to share this with the class.

    • I love this Albert, thank you for posting it. BUT, I am thinking of another time in the novel BEFORE this point that we saw a sense of compassion on behalf of Frankenstein to his monster. Does anyone know what I am referring to? Write the quote from the novel.

    • Henry Janani ; Class 2-T

      I think this video was really great. It used someone really ugly as a substitution for the monster, which is good in that it makes the video seem more like what really happened. Also, Frankenstein in the video seems like the type to create things. The video summarized the dialogue between Frankenstein and the monster (in regards to creating a mate for him) in a simple, fun way to remember. I recommend this video for anyone else who wants to review!

    • Itzik Nahmoud 2-T

      I really don’t understand something in the novel and in this video, he acknowledges what it would be like to create another wretch, yet he never asked himself this when he created the wretch in the first place.You might say he didn’t know what the wretch would bring about, but still he shouldn’t have abandoned it or fled from fear because the relationship between creator and creation is a great one. If I were in Victors place I would try to console it or lure it into a closed off room. What Victor did is like Godzilla (Victor) giving birth to a baby dinosaur (the wretch) and leaving it to survive on its own. Of course they are going to reek havoc to the world. But here the wretch didn’t reek havoc on the world yet Victor is too blind to understand. Even when the wretch asks for Victor to create a womanly creature like him, Victor says o.k, and the wretch says I’ll be watching. However, only later does he think of the consequences, decides to ditch the creation he was working on for the wretch, he goes on a honeymoon, and Elizabeth, his love dies. Why did he not see that creating this superhuman thing (while taking shortcuts in its creation) and running away from it would cause many problems and many deaths?

  48. david vainer 2-T

    This week we started the chapter in frankenstien talking about the monsters neglect and hatred to the world. i posted this video becouse i think that the monster should be treated equal in every way and should not be denied any rights. He should have a fair chance and oppurtunity just like everyone else.

    • Henry Janani ; Class 2-T

      I think this is a great video to show how the monster should indeed be treated like everybody else. Back in the days of Martin King Luther, blacks were treated unequal and were not given the rights they should have been given. Many of these same people who used to be looked down upon are a major part of most of our entertainment today. Many basketball players, baseball players, singers, and even actors in our day are black. Just how they indeed proved their potential if they were given they rights they deserved, the monster can also prove his potential to help others even more than he already does if he is too given the rights and acceptance he deserves.

    • Itzik Nahmoud 2-T

      This is a great video to resemble to the novel “Frankenstein.” The wretch being like the Negros spoken of in this video and for example the Cottagers (the creations protectors) being like the Emancipation Proclamation. However, in this video there are many people in this predicament and in “Frankenstein” it’s only the wretch, abandoned to discover and go through life’s problems alone. Like leaving a man on the streets without education, without money, and with the want to live. How this person thrown onto the streets doesn’t want to be looked at like a homeless and dirty man. He just wants the respect of others. I think this video greatly contemplates that.

  49. Mia Erdos

    Like Frankenstein and the monster I love the view of nature, the sounds of nature don’t calm me as much as the scenes do. Whenever I am in the car or an airplane I am always looking through the window and looking at the beautiful trees, the sky, and even all the pretty colors. The ocean also relaxes me a lot, I know a lot of people love to go to the beach to sit and relax, and hear the waves crashing onto shore. Nature is the most beautiful thing to me! I love visiting new places and seeing things like mountains, sunsets, trees, flowers, and even animals.

  50. At frashman seminar we saw this video, and when we discussed in class about how the people treated the monster, it reminded me of this. Do you think this video connects with the story? what would you do if the world rejected you from human kind?

    • Michelle Kraidman 2T

      This video connects to the story, because the girl is rejected by her world because she is different from them, like the monster. The Monster however, never tried to change who he was to fit this world, because to him he was normal, and when he finds his creator he could’ve asked him to make him normal, but he didn’t want to change who he was, and he stays true to himself. This is what this video is missing, you should never change who you are to please other people.

    • Yael Shoushan 2T

      i think this video is very similar to the book Frankenstien. in the video the lady felt neglected just like the monster did in the story. They both werent accepted by other people. If the world rejected me as human kind i think i would feel depressed and lonley, i cant imagine not having anyone to talk to and share my feelings with.

    • Shawn Blinder 2T

      Personally, I do think that beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. What some people might see as not so appealing, one might see as the most beautiful thing in the world. However, it’s kind of sad to think that no one in Frankenstein saw the monster as even being approachable. Good connection, Kalya.

    • Michal Yefet 2T

      This video does connect with Frankenstein. The monster was rejected many times from being different. The monster was really kind and gentle on the inside, but people could not see that. Every chance the monster got he wanted to do good things for others. In this video the the woman was really beautiful, but she thought she was ugly because she was different. Beauty is what is on the inside of the person not the outside. If I was put in the position where I was rejected by mankind, I would wonder why I was rejected. No one should be rejected by what they look like, everyone is beautiful in their own way. A person’s inner beauty is their true beauty.

  51. david vainer 2-T

    This shows how the world really is and its all about fitting in. people dont understand the everyone is unique in their own way. To us shes normal, but to the people around her she is not.

  52. Mia Erdos

    I do think this video connects to Frankenstein. Just like in this clip how no one accepted that women for being different, no one accepts the monster for being different. It is very hard to picture how I would feel if I were to be rejected from human kind. I would probably be miserable, and not have enough confidence in myself. Just thinking about this makes me feel bad for the monster. Not even one person accepted him. I give the monster credit for being able to keep himself going.

  53. Henry Janani ; Class 2-T

    When I saw this video on seminar, I was really shocked. Not only did it inspire me, but I was literally tearing when I saw how she was really a beautiful woman; however, she did not see it only due to the fact that she was different. Different in our society means negatively an outsider. However, in truth it is really not like that! I personally think one would rather stand out as an individual, rather than be just like anybody else. If only people saw it that way too though; oh would the world be a happier place! I think there is a very big lesson to be learned from this video. The lesson is to realize that just because someone is different, does not necessarily mean he\she shouldn’t be accepted by everyone else. It just means that they stand out as an individual, and that should be respected rather than penalized.

  54. Henry Janani ; Class 2-T

    Hey guys, we just finished reading the Frankenstein in class and we have questions about it on our upcoming final. I found this video a very helpful review of all the important things that happened in the novel. What do you think about it? Did this video help you guys in any way ?

    LINK: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XRppXdKDY_c

    • Jayne Kassin - 2R

      This was a great video. the quote “dont judge a book by its cover” really reminded me of the monster because he was really benevolent. this video helped me reveiw

  55. Ruthie Senior 2s

    This video is excellent! it really is similar to the monster. people shouldnt only accept you for your looks but also for your personality. the monster can be nice but noone gave him a chance.

  56. Mia Erdos

    This video was so helpful! It really summed up the book to the point. I found it to be a great review, especially before the final just to refresh your memory. I also thought this was a great way to keep me interested because it wasn’t boring and I was able to understand all the words.

  57. Itzik Nahmoud 2-T

    This video connects very well with the novel “Frankenstein.” Comparing it to when Victor was creating this creation of his. It shows how the creator is forcing something through Science to become something. Yet, in the novel Victor took shortcuts and it backfired on him and that was the basis of the creation and the basis of the story because he took shortcuts and ended up not liking it, so he abandoned it. However, if I was in the shoes of this creation the only thing I would change is my strategy of getting my creator to like me. I would help my creator and not the Cottagers because my creator is more important. That way my creator can nurture me with my problems. Just like a mother and her child.

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